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Frequently Asked Question's

Who can open a TradeDollars trading account?

  • Anybody with an e-mail address.

Who can I trade with?

  • Anybody with an e-mail address.

How much does it cost?

There is a 12.5% TradeDollars storage fees automatically deducted from the sale side only (No Sale No Cost).  It is free to store your ad, TradeDollars & to exchange your TradeDollars for other G&S offered.  There are no other fees or charges.

Are there any CA$H fees or charges?

No CA$H fees or charges that have to be added onto the cost of trading, inflating prices to recover all CA$H costs of the Trade

Price is dictated by the natural forces of supply & demand only.  Your only CA$H cost is your downtime or replacement cost of the G&S exchanged (your leverage).

Can you receive to many TradeDollars?

No.  You place your own ads & then choose to accept the TradeDollars for your G&S offered in exchange.  You & only you have total control over the amount of TradeDollars you accept in exchange.

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