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Guarantee: believes in the value stored in your Goods & Services (G&S) & therefore is only charging a 12.5% TradeDollars transaction fee (Terms & Conditions). is offering to exchange the same amount of TradeDollars back for G&S purchased if your not satisfied & the seller will not satisfy your dissatisfaction. will refund the same amount of TradeDollars exchanged in the transaction in exchange for the for the G&S purchased in the same condition they where exchanged. will not refund any other commodity used in the transaction (CA$H, etc).

The purchaser must notify that they want a refund within 24 hrs of receiving the goods & return the goods in same condition sold within 7 days for a TradeDollars refund. will not refund over inflated prices paid for G&S from either careless, reckless or dubious transactions, a counter offer will be made if this is the case.

Any account holder seen to be trading unfairly will have their account frozen & will only be allowed to spend down to zero then their account will be closed.

The information contained herein is provided for registered subscribers use only.
Any redistribution of this information is strictly prohibited.

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