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Get paid to support your local business community.

LoyaltyDollars! not points worth a fraction of a cent that expire after time. 



Deposit LoyaltyDollars first to validate, then exchange &/or save your LoyaltyDollars

Get paid up to 10% in LoyaltyDollars for your CA$H custom

No CA$H fees or charges

LoyaltyDollars never expire once deposited & can be exchanged instantly. 
Conserve your precious CA$H by exchanging your LoyaltyDollars for business script

Full or part LoyaltyDollars deposits accepted on Real Estate.

Compare the difference with Flybuy points the benchmark with corporate reward schemes. One standard Flybuy point = $0.002 for $5.00 spent.  You need to collect 13,000 Flybuy point within a 3 year expiry date before you can purchase a $100 gift voucher after spending around $65,000.  10% back in LoyaltyDollars for $5.00 spent = 0.50, 25,000% more return for your CA$H custom than a standard Flybuy point ($0.002 + 25,000% = $0.50).

100% LoyaltyDollars back guarantee on all trades

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