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TradeDollars is the equivalent to traditional money & a CA$H transaction. is a medium of exchange & store of value between individual account holders to communicate, exchange & store the difference. is not in any way responsible for the content or miss-representation advertised from within each individualís personal account &/or in any communication exchanged between the individual account holders. is not in any way responsible for the quality of goods & services provided by individual account holders.

Each individual account holder takes the responsibility for their own trades, doing their own du diligence on the goods & services offered, then agree on the price, time, place & manner of exchange in writing before the exchange.

Any account holder seen to be trading unfairly will have their account frozen & will be allowed to spend down to zero then their account will be closed.

Any disputes between individual account holders must be settled by the common laws of the land the TradeDollar amount in dispute will be frozen.

The information contained herein is provided for registered subscribers use only.
Any redistribution of this information is strictly prohibited.

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